February 07, 2009

Tapes on the Radio

Alright, here's my shameless plug: I recently obtained a position as a DJ for a local radio show here in Athens on Monday nights. It's called the Nightshift and it airs on the local public radio station, WOUB, on their AM station and streaming online at their website. This week I compiled my first show for Monday night, so if you want some background noise between the hours of 7 to midnight with color commentary provided by yours truly, then check out the live stream of WOUB AM located on WOUB's website. The first edition will likely make my inexperience on radio pretty evident, but I tried to put together a tracklisting so great that it will totally overshadow my speaking bits. I'll be playing Wilco (duh), Doves, Dr. Dog, Flaming Lips, Low, and all kinds of other bands that you see covered here from time to time.

Aside from getting to program a five hour block of content every week, the other big perk of working at a radio station is the advance copies of new releases that come in every week. Now that I have access to this resource, I'm definitely going to start doing some more timely album reviews here on the blog. So, lots of content to look forward to, and I'm very excited about it all. I hope you'll tune into the stream Monday night, and I welcome any feedback you have.

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