February 28, 2008

Pre-Weekend Update

It's finally happening! Wilco will be the musical guest on this weekend's edition of Saturday Night Live, with Juno's Ellen Page picking up hosting duties. Any chance of some of the band making their way into a sketch or two? Keep in mind, Jeff Tweedy and Fred Armisen go way back; Armisen used to open up solo Tweedy shows with a Ferecito-esque routine (now there's a character that's been effectively written out of recent SNL shows). I'm pretty sure Armisen also showed up to play cowbell for the band when they did the New Year's Eve show at Madison Square Garden a few years back. It'll be interesting to see how this all transpires, the thought of Wilco on SNL still seems a little weird. My apologies to all you folks who were planning on attending the now postponed Charleston, NC show, in a case like this I think it's totally understandable, I'm sure the band didn't have much say in the scheduling of this appearance. One last Wilco tidbit; it looks like one of the final known Sky Blue Sky outtakes ("Glad It's Over") will be seeing the light of day on... the "Heroes" Soundtrack!? Someone must be a fan...

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