November 17, 2007

Yo La Tengo on SNL (Kinda)

Holy shit!? Is Saturday Night Live turning into some kind of Austin City Limits clone with sub-par comedy to boot? Not content to merely sit on their asses while the WGA writers' strike plays out, the cast of SNL will be performing a dinner theater version of the show tonight at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in NYC. The musical guest for this soiree will be none other than Yo La Tengo, who join the glut of independent artists featured this season and will doubtlessly counteract the overall mediocrity of the event. The quality of SNL's comedy would stand in a unique position to actually benefit from this strike, if not for the fact that the usual gang of writers are probably doing this gig pro bono. Michael Cera, of Arrested Development and Superbad fame, will be the guest host of the event and all proceeds will be going to the crew members who have basically been put out of a job while this strike continues to escalate. Don't get me started on where I stand on the strike; I thoroughly understand the reasons for it, but they're screwing over a ton of below-the-line people in the process. At least events like these communicate that they're aware of this predicament and willing/obligated to help out. Here's hoping for a kickass live rendition of YLT's cover of Dylan's "I Wanna Be Your Lover"...

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