July 31, 2007

Call it Education

In exactly one month, Tapes on the Floor's new digs will be a non-descript dorm room at Ohio University. The good news is, I'll probably keep this place way more up to date than I have been this summer. No, I'm not going to file daily complaints about dining hall food and 8:00 AM classes, but given my music production major, I may try my hand at a little insight into my music-related experiences while on campus. But I've still got one month left in my basement hide-out so here's a quick run down of what to expect within the next month or so.

First of all, I've pounded out the track-listing for another podcast, so I'll try my hardest to get that out the door within the next few weeks. Meanwhile, this weekend tickets go on sale for what is being billed as the concert event of the season here in Columbus, Ohio; the Arcade Fire joined by LCD Soundsystem for an outdoor show at Promowest Pavilion. Should be a very interesting experience seeing these two very different bands in one night. Right now I'm anticipating Modest Mouse's show on August 15th, with Band of Horses and Love as Laughter opening. It'll just be a treat to see Johnny Marr shredding on stage beside Issac Brock, another very unlikely pairing. Lastly, I'm starting to experiment with some new layouts for Tapes on the Floor. I'd like to integrate some of the new fangled 'Web 2.0' feature-set into the blog, but it'll probably be a while before this bears any fruit. And did anyone notice that Tapes on the Floor is officially one year old? Here's to another solid year of sporadic updates and evolution at the speed of molasses...

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