June 21, 2011

Sweet Home

By now you've likely heard the news, but I'll give you the official dish here anyways. In the last few weeks, I've graduated college and am now setting my sights on Chicago once again. I'm moving back to the city, this time indefinitely, starting on July 1st. It was a fairly simple choice. First of all, I really love the place—I had the time of my life there last summer and am looking forward to being there on a much more permanent basis. Secondly, I've been offered some work with a publication there covering shows and festivals much like I did last summer. That means I'll be at Pitchfork Music Festival once again this summer and likely Lollapalooza as well.

What does this mean for Tapes on the Floor? Fortunately for you, dear reader, not a whole lot. Throughout this blog's illustrious, almost six years of existence, coverage has always swayed between the Buckeye State and the Windy City. In the future, it's safe to say that you'll be seeing much more Chicago-oriented content, with the occasional Ohio-related post whenever I start feeling homesick. I'll be taking a couple of months to ease into things before I (hopefully) find some sort of steady job, and in that time I'm hoping to set the tone for the remainder of this year with some slightly more regular posting and all those other promises that people with personal blogs make.

More importantly, I'm heading to North Adams on Thursday for three straight days of Wilco overload at Solid Sound. If my brain doesn't explode, I'll see you in Chicago.

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