March 08, 2011

Austin Bound

We're already a week into March, which means that SXSW is officially a little less than a week away. Traditionally, this is a week in which I furiously scour music blogs, squirming with jealousy at the bounty of quality live music happening just over 1000 miles away. This year, I'll be joining in the music industry's mass exodus to Austin, TX to drop in on a portion of the week's festivities.

I've never been to Austin before, so I'm excited to experience the city firsthand. I'm certainly interested in any place whose two major food groups seem to be barbecue and Mexican cuisine. Initially I was a bit worried about diving into the festival without any official credentials, but the amount of free shows and parties I've stumbled upon thus far is staggering. The past few weeks have been a deluge of e-mailed invitations and hasty RSVP's—at this point I'm just trying to narrow my list down.

I'm looking forward to catching up with the folks in Santah, who are heading down to Texas fresh off of several weeks of recording for their latest EP. The Graveface Records showcase on Friday night will also be a priority for me as I've been wanting to catch Dreamend live for some time now and am curious about what the Appleseed Cast's latest material sounds like. On Saturday, the Mess With Texas Party looks like the day's best bet, featuring sets from the likes of the Dodos, Strange Boys, the Fresh and Onlys, DOM, Surfer Blood, Deertick and the Dead Milkmen (!) at a drive in theater in Austin. If I can drag myself out of bed on Sunday, I'll definitely be hitting the Panache Annual Hangover Party to catch sets by Turbo Fruits, Surf City, Fergus and Geronimo, Suuns and White Mystery. It's going to be an endurance test, but one I'm happy to submit to.

I'll be doing my best to document as many of the sets I see as possible and report back once it's all over, much like I did at CMJ this past Fall. For up to the minute dispatches, keep an eye on my Twitter feed as I'll likely be chronicling my journeys (and taco consumption) there. See you in Austin!

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