March 04, 2009

A Place to Bury Strangers Goes Mute, Company of Thieves of Wes Anderson

Those of you who read my review of A Place to Bury Stranger's show at Skully's this past summer will know that I've got a thing for this noise-rock trio. So, I was very happy to hear that the group just got signed to Mute Records; a very appropriate label considering its past releases from bands such as Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr. The group is currently working on their second album and have a pretty extensive European tour scheduled as well as a spot on the Coachella lineup in April. I'm definitely looking forward to hearing how much louder this group can get.

Next up, the debut video from Chicago rockers Company of Thieves caught my eye this week. It's for their song "Oscar Wilde" which is an admittedly catchy tune that really benefits from Genevieve Schatz's great voice and some nice riffs care of guitarist Marc Walloch. The video is a blatant homage to Wes Anderson's seminal film Rushmore right down to the Futura captions and nicely framed medium shots. It's just cool to see this much effort put into a music video these day, so check it out:

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