September 21, 2006

"I hate so much about the things that you choose to be."

My favorite show on television at the moment has to NBC's The Office, which starts it's third season tonight at 8:30. I picked up the season 2 DVDs the day they came out a few weeks back, and have been watching them almost daily ever since. It's an obsession really, but this is the first show since Scrubs that seems to cater almost exclusively to my unique sense of humor. The DVDs really are worth the price of admission, they compile every episode from "The Dundies" to "Casino Night" on 4 easy to navigate discs that include deleted scenes for every episode. Also included as a special bonus are the summer "webisodes", the fake PSAs that aired with late season episodes of the show, and a halarious blooper reel. Good stuff, I'm still enjoying these disc weeks after they came out. Tonight's episode is going to answer a lot of questions from last season...

In other news, I'll be seeing Glenn and Nels tomorrow evening. Really looking forward to it, from what I've heard the other shows of their's this week have been really great. I'll post my review/pictures on Saturday.

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