July 19, 2006

The First Post

Hello, and welcome to my brand new blog Tapes on the Floor. I've been wanting to do this for quite some time, as I feel I've outgrown the more juvenile blogging communities. In reality this blog is simply the continuation of the format I set forth at my original blog, namely my thoughts on music related topics and reviews of concerts, albums, etc. I admit that I am rather selective about what I post, owing mainly to the fact that I only write about bands I really like. As some of you may be able to tell from the title of my blog, I'm a very big Wilco fan, so expect many posts chronicling the group's tours, future releases, etc. This is not an MP3 blog, although I do have an interest in possibly expanding into that area sometime in the future and will try to post the occasional MP3 as time allows. There are tons of great MP3 blogs out there anyway, my favorites of which I'll list links to on this site as soon I figure that out.

Just to give you a better picture of the man behind the words, my name is Zach and I hail from near Columbus, Ohio. I'm still a student, this fall I will starting my senior year of high school and from there I plan on going to Ohio University and majoring in Audio Production. As far as music goes, I'm the classic mix of consumer and producer. You can just as easily find me rummaging through the racks at Used Kids Records as you can see me playing with my band Blue Condition in a basement or at bars around town. As some have already surmised, my favorite band is Wilco and I enjoy a diverse smattering of rock n' roll (classic, alternative, "indie"), jazz, folk, and blues. I feel a little stupid writing a bio of myself, but I know that when I read blogs I like to at least have a little background about the author just for context's sake, so hopefully this fufills that purpose.

I'm not the most regular poster in the world (life has a way of intruding upon one's cyber-activities), but I'll try to keep things as up to date as possible. First I have to get this whole interface hashed out, although it looks relatively simple. Thanks for listening.

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